Rock Paper Scissors
Battle Royale

The largest Rock Paper Scissors event Atlanta has ever seen. Introducing the DreamHack Rock Paper Scissors Battle Royale!

Compete against other DreamHack Attendees in this free to enter event. Community group stages kick off Friday November 15th, leading into playoffs the following day. The top 8 finalists will compete on the DreamHack main stage for their shot at the $1000 prize pool Powered by Gamer Goo!

Covering all the action on stage and on twitch are Bardock Obama (@savinthebees) and local legend Chef LuBu! Be sure to catch the finals live on Saturday, November 16th: there may be a few surprises in store.

Prize pool Powered by Gamer Goo: $1,000. only 3 winners

Preliminaries: Friday 15th Nov, All day
Semi finals: saturday 16th Nov, 3PM
top 8 finals: saturday 16th Nov, 6:00PM

What: Rock paper scissors

Streamed on:

Casted by: SavinTheBees & local talent Chef_Lu_Bu

How to compete

From BYOC to Cosplay, everyone at the festival will compete for a chance to bring glory to their community in the event.

Attendees participating in BYOC, FGC, Stream Studio, and Cosplay will sign up through Matcherino and compete on Friday for a spot to represent their respective community/activity zone in the playoffs.

Other attendees looking to compete will need to find 4 different indie developers in the Indie Playground and beat them in battle in order to participate in the Community Royale on Saturday at 2pm. Look for a developer wearing a unique Faction Badge on their lanyard: that’s your cue challenge them to battle.

The Faction Badges look like this:









Upon winning, the attendee will take a picture with the indie dev showing their pin. The first 10 people to defeat all four devs, and turn in all four photos into the Faction Hub will get a shot to participate in the playoffs on Saturday.

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