game pitch championship finals

This will take place on Sunday, 17 Nov at 6pm on the Main Stage. Selected game devs will be pitching their game in front of a live audience for cash prizes!

Check out who will be pitching by heading to the activity page.


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Alan Wilson

Tripwire Interactive

Vice President

Alan has worked in Oil, Defence and Finance sectors over a 30-year career, before moving over to the games industry, with the “Red Orchestra” mod
in 2003. When the team won the MSU contest, Alan supported the creation of
Tripwire Interactive LLC along with the other key players in the original team.

The mod became Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, in 2006. Since then Tripwire has launched Killing Floor in 2009, which went to #1 on Steam; Killing Floor 2, a Top 10 seller on Steam in 2015, before also releasing for PS4 and Xbox One.

RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad was launched in 2011, followed by Rising Storm in 2013. Both became PC Gamer’s Multiplayer Game of the Year. RS2: Vietnam, followed successfully in 2017.

In 2018, Tripwire has created it’s own publishing business, with the first announced titles being Road Redemption and Maneater, followed by Chivalry 2.

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Sean McBride

Tripwire Interactive

Art Director

Sean McBride started out in the games industry as a self taught artist, modder, and frequenter of Polycount. He got his first industry job as a contract artist for Valkyrie Entertainment contributing to games such as Guild Wars and Sega Rally Revo among other titles.

Sean then moved to Atlanta and joined Hi-Rez studios and spent over 10 years at Hi-Rez Studios. He started as a character artist working on Global Agenda and over a few years he worked his way up to Art Director on Tribes: Ascend, Smite, Paladins, Jetpack Fighter, among other unshipped titles.

In 2016 Sean joined Tripwire Interactive as the studio art director over all titles developedboth internally and published. Since then he’s Art Directed Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor: Incursion and the upcoming ShArkPG ManEater.

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Stephen Johnston

Launch Media Network &


Stephen Johnston is the founder of the Atlanta based Launch Media Network, creators of Gamer Launch and GameSkinny, and PubWise which uses machine learning to optimize online advertising at a massive scale. Stephen has spent more than 25 years building online software and organizing the teams to grow SaaS software companies. Stephen has been a judge for various game jams, indie showcases and startup events as well as presented multiple times at SIEGE, PHP[tek] and Pax East on topics ranging from breaking into the gaming industry, scaling machine learning data processing pipelines and PR & Marketing for video games.

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Zane Everett

Vice-Chair of IGDA Atlanta

Owner of InZane Games

As the IGDA Atlanta Vice-Chair, Zane volunteers his time organizing events aimed at helping game and games adjacent developers be the best they can be. Over the past 8 years he has worked on 21 training and educational games using Unity, with the past 3 being VR titles. Zane has given numerous presentations on Unity, AI, VR, board games, and community building. Having organized conference events, judged game development competitions, and developed academically recognized games, Zane is well informed in many aspects of the games industry.

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