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Rogue Company Demo at Atlanta

Action, tactics, and a whole lot of attitude to the shooter genre

Rogue Company is a top-secret syndicate of elite mercenaries around the globe. To most of the world, the elusive mercenaries are a rumor at best. However, to those in the know, Rogue Company operatives are indispensable to solving the world’s deadliest and most challenging missions.

As a Rogue Company mercenary, players will grab their weapon of choice and dive into iconic locations to compete online in various PVP game modes.

Casual and Competitive Game Modes

Rogue Company will constantly update and evolve with the community,” said Scott Zier, Creative Director of First Watch Games. “Rogue Company’s planned updates include new game modes, maps, weapons, gadgets, in-game events, and playable mercenaries. From game balance to game modes, player feedback will help us develop the next best multiplayer shooter.

Crossplay: Team up with Friends on any Platform

Rogue Company will feature crossplay on all major platforms. “As a studio, we believe in connecting all players through the thrill of gaming,” said Hi-Rez Head of Game Studios, Chris Larson. “From day one, we built Rogue Company to be a multiplatform game with crossplay. We want all of our players to be able to game with their friends, regardless of platform.

You can try out the Rogue Company demo at DreamHack Atlanta! The game comes to all platforms with crossplay in 2020. Check out the official website for more news, trailers, and to sign up for the upcoming alpha.

watch the official live action trailer:

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