Safety at dreamhack atlanta


Our community is close, we’re like family to one another, and like a family we want to keep everyone safe while having fun at our festival. To help achieve this, we will be deploying similar security measures to those that some of you have seen at our previous DreamHack Atlanta 2018 and Dallas 2019 festivals.

Security measures*

First and foremost, our entire perimeter will require all attendees and staff to pass through a security screening area before collecting your badge/wristband and entering the event. The security screening area will consist of a bag search, metal detector pass through, and a K9 sweeping unit at certain intervals. You will also be asked to have your PC (for BYOC) or console inspected visually. Any prohibited items detected in this process will not be allowed into the event. The security screening area will also have armed police officers stationed there. This security screening is in effect 24 hours-a-day for all three festival days, and you will need to go through the same screening each time you re-enter the venue.

Once you enter the event, you will at different choke points be asked to present your badge or wristband. Our festivals are entirely NFC equipped. Your badge/wristband contain a small chip that allows us to check your check-in status in real-time. This allows for many positives in security and safety as we can instantly see how many visitors are inside the venue, troubleshoot check-in issues proactively and also remove anyone not complying with our General Rules immediately.

Next to the choke points, you should expect to see armed police officers and officers in plain clothes on the show floors. Please also do not be alarmed if you see the K9 unit patrolling the show floor, as we have scheduled dog sweep patrols as a secondary safety measure. You will also find clearly indicated security guards patrolling our show floors. Our own DreamHack wardens will be sweeping and patrolling to contribute to keeping the event safe.

*We are in continued talks with the authorities and some measures might change.



We expect lines at peak hours. Day and Festival pass ticket holders will be going through the same security screening as any other visitor. You can significantly reduce your impact on the screening process by not bringing a bag. If you do bring a bag or backpack, bring one that is easily checked by security to reduce the time spent in the screening process. We will constantly monitor and adjust our security schedule in an effort to keep the lines as short as possible.

You do not need your ticket at security screening. It is only there to ensure that no weapons or other prohibited items (listed in our FAQ) are found on you, and to ensure a safe environment for our visitors. After the screening area, you can head to the check-in desks to show your ticket and receive your wristband.


HOME DELIVERY ADD-ON & partner hotels

Those who purchased the wristband home delivery add-on will of course skip the check-in desk. Attendees staying at any of our partner hotels will be allowed to pickup their wristband from Wednesday, 13th November, at the Omni Hotel (we will release more information about this within a few weeks).



A large part of our secure and safe environment is being very vigilant and proactive. At DreamHack, we are working on setting the industry standard for safety at gaming events. We do this together with you, so if you have any suggestions or remarks and want to speak to our staff planning the event, you are always free to reach out via our discord server by clicking the button below.

You can also check out our updated event rules for more information on ways you can plan a safe DreamHack.

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