The perks of signing up to DreamHack Atlanta

There are a whole lot of benefits that come from being a part of our festival.

If you’re an indie game dev, you want to showcase your game. If you’re a panelist, you want to do a badass panel. If you’re an artist, you want to display your work. If you signed up for a DreamHack activity, you’re gonna get an opportunity to do what you do best, and probably at no extra cost to you.

Perks for Indies, Panelists, Artists, & More

Selected indies receive a free 10’x10′ booth in our Indie Playground in the Expo (including electricity). Panelists will each have their own panel room with a projector, computer, PA system, and a stream set up so they can freely do their talk! And artists who have phenomenal original artwork they wish to have displayed in our Art Gallery are in luck, because we print on canvas and hang it up for free.

We’re just rewarding awesome people with awesome perks because we’re only as cool as the folks who come out and make the shows cool. There are a lot of ways to participate, read more about the activities below and figure out where you fit in best.

Indie playground

Showcase your radical games with a booth in our expo.

Panels & workshops

Sign up to be a panelist to discuss topics of interest, or conduct a workshop that will get people excited about something new!

ARt gallery

Submit your artwork and we’ll display it in our gallery. It can range from concept art to key art.

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