Level up with our Stream Studio Boot Camp

DreamHack is dedicated to learning, so we created our Stream Studio Boot Camp. This is to teach new and up can coming streamers to learn how to master other streaming aspects. Come join our Stream Doctor Harris Heller in learning how that pesky mic can be tweaked or what not to do on stream. We have it all!

Harris Heller

Boot Camp Stream Doctor


Weirdly enough, Harris started his online career on Vine making 6-second music videos with his wife, Kenzie Nimmo, and has been a full-time content creator ever since. His videos have been shown on Times Square screens and he’s collaborated with companies like Apple, Fender, and Coca-cola. He’s the self awarded “Most Okey-est Apex Legends Player” and swears he has an OG Pokémon Red cartridge with a full pokédex, though we have yet to confirm that. He now makes videos on utilizing social media to grow your Twitch channel as well as any other videos he feels like making in the moment.

For any questions about the Stream Studio Boot Camp, contact activities@dreamhack.com

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