Home delivery add-on


We’re happy to announce that home delivery is commencing as planned. You should get it in your mailbox soon if you’ve purchased this particular add-on.

How does home delivery work?

You will have provided us with an address during the checkout process on our ticket page. We will send you a package to that address.

What will the package contain?

The package will contain your event credentials: this can be either a wristband or badge depending on your ticket type. This is delivered in a uniquely illustrated event map (we hope you like it!) Please note that all credentials are coded to your personal ORDERID so it will be impossible to re-order another credential and use both wristbands/badges as there is a smart chip inside your credential.

What can I do with my home delivery?

You can skip the registration line at the event! You will, however, still have to pass through the security metal detectors and bag checks. You will also be allowed to enter from 9AM instead of 10AM so you have an hour extra on Friday opening day.

You’re also entitled to 10% discount on ALL DreamHack merch in the merch store! You can check out the online store here, but there will be event exclusive items ONSITE ONLY. Just bring your special home delivery card, or simply show the store staff your home delivery or Ultra ticket in the app.

When can I expect my package?

It will take some time for us to produce the assets, pack the wristbands, badges and ship them. We have started production on 1st September and will also email you once we have completed our home delivery.

Once you have received an email from us, we will be able to handle any questions you have at support@dreamhack.com. As indicated, the packages are shipped consigned so you will be able to track them.

What if I forget my wristband/badge at home?

Please proceed to our support desk when you get to the festival. Our support desk will charge you an administrative fee of $20 USD and generate you a new wristband/badge. Your old wristband/badge is then automatically disabled (we cancel the unique id in our system). If anyone tries to use your old ID, they will be denied entry at the door.

Additionally, as home delivery comes with early access privileges, forgetting it at home might cause delays and off-set the privilege of entering the venue early.

Can I purchase the home delivery add-on after I’ve bought my tickets?

Home delivery is automatically a part of BYOC Premium and BYOC Ultra. Unfortunately our ticketing system does not allow it to be bought as a separate purchase after you’ve already checked out and paid for your tickets. We’re working on improving it and hopefully will be implemented for future events.

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