free demo of true dungeon

DreamHack and True Adventures, Ltd. are excited to announce True Dungeon at DreamHack Atlanta. The event will be a free “walk up and play” experience. This three-room “Enhanced Demo” will take players on a journey through the Astral Plane while teaching the fundamentals of the True Dungeon game.

This 45-minute event will be free to all DreamHack Atlanta attendees, and no ticket is required. Just walk up to the event space and play! All players will receive some cool swag in the form of a free pouch of ten Treasure Tokens ($8 value, limited to one bag per person).

This enhanced demo will be open:

Fri, 15 Nov. 12PM – 8PM
Sat, 16 Nov. 12PM – 8PM
Sun, 17 Nov. 10AM – 1PM

Come try your hand at this amazingly immersive escape-room adventure!


“True Dungeon might just be the coolest thing I’ve ever done at a convention.”

– Patrick Rothfuss, NY Best-Selling Author of “The Name of the Wind”

“True Dungeon takes all those images we built in our imaginations and makes them real. When a Dungeon Master says, “You have about 10 seconds before the walls closes,” you better make a quick decision because there is an actual door sliding shut in front of you.”

– Wil Wheaton, “Wesley” from “Star Trek:TNG”

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