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We’ve introduced more of the content you’ve always enjoyed to our shows… and then some. Inviting esports teams, streamers, indies, students, musicians, craftsmen, filmmakers, and more—it’s a whole way of living condensed into a kickass weekend!


Pun bombs to go off at DreamHack Delhi 2019. Watch the best Indian stand-up comics leave the crowd in splits with their killer sense of humor.

Artists lineup to be announced soon.



No DreamHack goes complete without the vibrant cosplay. Come and compete for the crown of the best cosplayer at DreamHack Delhi 2019.


It’s your chance to meet world class esports athletes, click pictures and have autograph sessions at the Meet & Greet section at DreamHack Delhi 2019.

Keep watching this space for further announcements.


Get your hands on premium quality esports apparel, team jerseys, caps etc. Everything from collectibles to plush toys at the merchandise section at DreamHack Delhi.



Catch up with the old times at the retro zone with games from every generation. For the very competitive, enter at your own risk and win accolades and more.

Daily top scorers will be awarded with prize money.

Total prize pool: ₹75,000


The best collection of table-top and arcade games to fill your soul.

Daily top scorers will be awarded with prize money.

Total prize pool: ₹1,00,000


Have a good hand at creating masterpieces out of scrap? Turning machines into art? Take part in the PC Modding competition and win big at DreamHack Delhi.



The total prize money is 1 Lac INR. Daily winners will get 25,000 INR each and the remaining 25,000 INR will be awarded to a winner by public voting.

How public voting works?

The attendees of the event will be given a heart shaped stamp which they will stick it on to their most loved mod. The mod with the most number of stamps at the end of Day 3 will be awarded with 25,000 INR.


• The PC Modding Competition is limited to all gamers and modders participating in BYOC.
• You need to be a valid holder of a BYOC seat and your associated PC will automatically qualify for the contest
• No separate registration is required for this contest
• You can either bring your PC from home or assemble it on the spot.



• On Each day, Judges will look for the best PC Mod’s in BYOC area and select 5 top mods daily before midnight.
• The best mod will be awarded prize on the DreamHack stage on the last day.



Each mod will be judged on the grounds of 5 different categories. Each category will have a point total of 5 and the mod with the highest cumulative points wins.  


Categories are:


• Creativity

• Arrangement/Neatness

• Artistic appeal 

• Functionality

• “WOW” factor




1) Creativity — Based on fabrication and application.

Differentiates from normal case in form and appearance.

Drastically alters the original case based on barebones product.

Includes a variety of advanced and novel additions that are unique.

Demonstrates user personality.


2) Arrangement — Based on completion and attention to detail.

Case is in finished form.

Nothing needs to be added or taken away.

Details are sharp and clean.

Peripheral elements are in proper arrangement and proportion.


3) Artistic — Aesthetic concerns and thematic issues.

Device mod demonstrates a theme and has an overall artistic expression.

Device mod utilizes unique parts custom built to incorporate theme.

Unique result.

Amalgamation of known parts used in a new way to demonstrate theme.

Goo design and execution.


4) Functionality — Based on compatibility of components.

High proficiency with component attachment and ability to operate case as working computer.

Components are applied correctly and can allow for even greater performance.

Especially detailed and applied with care for functionality.

Difficulty in attachment integration.

Unique appearance and modification result.


5) WOW factor — Goes above and beyond.

Device mod demonstrates an extreme design execution and excels in all fields in addition to having an incredible presence and originality.



The participants will be judged and rewarded points from a total of 25.




Panels about esports marketing, workshops about publishing, and much more. Business Zone is a great place to learn something new if you’re in the industry or you’re a curious fan. Business Zone is also the networking place for senior brand representatives. It’s a great way to see the B2B side of the industry.


Love streaming games? Streamer Zone is the place to be. Put your entertainer skills to test and stream your favourite games to your fans from the grand stage of DreamHack.

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