dhmm fanzone

the Fan zone

Here you’ll be able to meet your favorite teams and talents! This is the chance to get an autograph or picture. The meet & greet schedule will be published later.

dhmm team merch

dreamhack Store

Official team merchandise, DreamHack merchandise, and Valve-licensed items like CS:GO pins are for sale here. Click on the button below to view the collection.


team booths

Get to know some teams better at their booths! There might even be special activities like 1v1 side tournaments.


Partner Exhibitors

Our partners have some surprises up their sleeves for attendees. Who knows what swag you’re going to walk away with?


ring display

View the custom-made Champion Ring up close! You can also purchase fan-editions from Baron Rings online.


trivia quiz

Think you know your CS:GO trivia? Download the DreamHack app and you’ll be able to play a quiz in between matches against everyone else in the crowd. The best scores walk away with prizes!


supporter bus

Travel easily with other fans via bus! We will have buses running from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Gothenburg (Sweden) that drop you off right outside the arena.

dhmm fans

fans from everywhere

Watch together with thousands of like-minded fans from all around the world. You might support different teams but you all love CS:GO!


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