What is the age limit to attend?

There is no age limit! You can attend at any age.

When do the doors open?

Please note that the venue doors open at different times every day.


Friday, 4 Oct: 13:00

Saturday, 5 Oct: 12:00

Sunday, 6 Oct: 14:00

What if I just buy a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday ticket?

Then you will only be able to enter on that specific day.

Can I bring food to the arena?

No, Malmö Arena doesn’t allow outside food and drinks to be brought into the arena. There will be kiosks and restaurants selling food and drinks located within the arena.


Alternatively, you can exit the arena and have your lunch somewhere outside the arena and then re-enter.

Can I re-enter the arena?

Yes, once you have a wristband/badge, you can leave and re-enter as many times as you wish.

Can I bring a backpack to the arena?

The arena doesn’t allow bags larger than 40x40x20 cm. There will be a security check before you’re allowed to enter.

What is not allowed in the arena?

– No food or drinks from outside the arena are allowed.
If we consider a person to be too intoxicated, he/she will not be allowed to enter Malmö Arena.


– No camera or recording devices and/or selfiesticks are allowed
– No pets of any kind are allowed.
– All types of bulky items, such as big umbrellas, camp chairs, big bags/luggage/backpacks over the limit of 40x40x20 cm are not allowed.


Before entering the arena, there will be a security check.

inside the venue

What is the seating format?

Bleachers area: Assigned seating


Floor seating: Free seating, first come, first serve.

Will there be any side activities?

Yes! Check out the experience page here.

Where can I collect my goodie bag?

Masters and Premium ticket holders can pick up goodie bags in Palissad just before entering the arena floor.

Skybox will have goodie bags delivered into their skybox

Where will the signing sessions take place?

You will find the fan zone in the North West part of the expo area, located in the hallways surrounding the arena.

Is there going to be a shop where I can buy merch?

Yes there will be a store onsite where you can buy team merchandise and event exclusive items. You can already view the collection online here.

What are the food options within the arena?

There will be kiosks selling food and drink within the arena.

For Masters & Skybox ticket holders, lunch & dinner will be provided at Percy’s Restaurant. Opening times here.

Where can I drink alcoholic beverages?

Please note that alcoholic beverages should be consumed on the ground floor only. (Where there is an age restriction)

Is it permitted to smoke in the arena?

Smoking is not permitted in Malmö Arena. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

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