16 Global challengers • $75, 000 prize pool • A spot to the Six Invitational 2020

Tournament dates

6 sep – 8 sep

Tournament Info


16 Teams total


12 Teams from Pro League and Challenger League globally*

BYOC Qualifier (info below):

4 Teams from BYOC Qualifier on-site

tournament format:

GSL Group Stage with 8 teams advancing into BO3 Playoffs

*Pro League and Challenger League teams will be contacted in already established communication channels for more information on how to register for an invitation to the tournament.

Prize pool

The first place winner will also receive a spot at the Six Invitational 2020. If the first place team has already qualified for the event, then the spot will go to the second place team, and so on.

Participating teams that finish in the top eight will receive information on how to claim their prize money once the event is over.

Placement Prize
1st 30,000 USD
2nd 15,000 USD
3rd 8,000 USD
4th 6,000 USD
5th – 8th 4,000 USD
5th – 8th 4,000 USD
5th – 8th 4,000 USD
5th – 8th 4,000 USD

The Six Invitational Spot

SIX Invitational – Team roster requirements

The team that wins the spot for the Raleigh Major are required to have three out of five players from the original roster which secured the spot at DreamHack Montreal when attending the SIX Invitational. The team will be replaced from the SIX Invitational if it changes more than two players.

Pro League Players already qualified for the SIX Invitational

Teams with players that are part of rosters that have already qualified for the SIX Invitational will not be eligible to qualify through DreamHack Montreal. Meaning that teams with mixed players, including some already qualified for the SIX Invitational, cannot win the spot.

Top finishing teams not eligible for the SIX Invitational spot

In the case where the top four teams is not eligible for the SIX Invitational, the spot will in turn be awarded to the top placing team in the latest NA Online qualifier.

BYOC Qualifier

REGISTRATION Requirements:

BYOC Tickets for all players* in the lineup

*Players competing in the open BYOC Qualifiers are required to be 18+. An ID check will be performed when teams check in for the qualifier at the event.


Thu, 1 Aug, 15:00 EDT


Wed, 4 Sep, 21:00 EDT


Fri, 6 Sep, 12:00 EDT

BYOC DISCORD for any questions:

Registration Process

All teams that wish to register for the BYOC qualifiers are required to have valid BYOC tickets for all players in the lineup. These can be purchased on the DreamHack Montreal ticket page.

Once your team has purchased BYOC tickets, make sure to completely fill out the registration form with all the information required. The tournament organizer will, in turn, contact your team representative and confirm your registration within 48 hours. You have to fill out the registration form (button below) to have a spot in the tournament.

Registration opens on Thursday, 1 Aug, 15:00 CDT.

General Info

The BYOC Qualifier will start at 12:00 EDT on September 6th. This means that you have to set up your equipment and check in at the esport desk to confirm your participation before 12:00 EDT otherwise your team will be marked as a no-show and you will be removed from the tournament. We strongly recommend you to arrive early to the venue to make sure you have all your gear working and settings adjusted to start competing.

The qualifier will be running until it is completed so make sure that your team is well-rested and have easy access to snacks and refreshments since it will be a long day. Every match will start as soon as possible so do not leave the venue since we cannot have too long breaks otherwise we risk having the qualifier run late.

PC Rental

DreamHack Montreal does NOT offer any PC rental for the event. Make sure to source PCs to attend and compete in the qualifier on-site.

A part of Dreamhack Montreal

This tournament will be part of the festival in Montreal! General festival information, activities, and other useful details can be found by clicking the button below.

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